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CARE Anti-Rollback Braking System


The CARE ABS brake system for wheelchairs prevents a wheelchair from moving out from under an individual as they enter or exit the seat. The CARE ABS units replace the existing hand brakes on your chairs with high-quality, low-cost anti-rollback units. They are available in 5 styles to fit almost every wheelchair made.

The CARE A.B.S. system offers these unique features:

  • Provides anti-rollback automatically, regardless of weight
  • Allows wheelchairs to fold for storage
  • Not affected by pressure relief cushions which can defeat weight-activated brakes
  • Very easy inistallation
  • Provides unencumbered forward and circular movement
  • Rearward movement requires constant pressure on brake levers
  • Stationary brake system is included
CARE Anti-Rollback Braking System

Choose the appropriate Model:

Model #102: U-Bracket for detachable arms, fits Everest & Jennings, ToughCare, Theradyne, Lumex
Model #304: U-Bracket, fits Everest & Jennings, ToughCare, Theradyne, Lumex
Model #506: Flat Bar Mount fits Everest & Jennings, Theradyne
Model #708: J-Bracket, fits InvaCare, Evermed
Model #910: J-Bracket for detachable arms, fits InvaCare, Evermed


To order please call this Toll-Free number: 888.444.8284
If in the Denver Metro Area call: 303.444.2273