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Care Floor Pad Pressure Mat (24" x 36")


Care Floor Pads are used in combination with the Deluxe Occupancy Control (floor version, sold separately) to alert caregivers when residents are on the move. The Care Floor Pads are available in both 24" x 36" and 27" x 62" sizes and are placed on the floor next to a patient's bed or in front of their door. When pressure is applied to the floor pad, an alarm is activated to alert the caregiver. Care Floor Pads have a long in-service life (up to 3 years), and provide quality monitoring for at-risk patients.

For many residents, 
getting up from a bed 
or leaving their room can cause serious 
since they may be unable to 
stand without help.

When used with the
Deluxe Occupancy Control
(floor version, sold separately)
our Care Floor Pads can
help prevent patient injury.

Plus Shipping and Handling of $11.00


To order please call this Toll-Free number: 888.444.8284
If in the Denver Metro Area call: 303.444.2273