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Mobility Monitor Plus


Mobility Monitors alert a caregiver when a resident attempts to leave the safety of a chair or bed. These monitors use an adjustable cord that is attached to the alarm box. The cord is clipped to the resident's clothing and activates an alarm when the cord and alarm box are separated as the resident gets up.

Mobility Monitors Feature:

  • Versatility for use on chairs, beds, & walkers.
  • Adjustable length cord (up to 30").
  • Attach easily using velcro or bracket.
  • Reliable activation

Mobility Monitors are ideal for monitoring residents who spend time in a chair, bed, or using a walker and are at risk of falling.

Help Reduce Falls!

Plus Shipping and Handling of $7.00.


To order please call this Toll-Free number: 888.444.8284
If in the Denver Metro Area call: 303.444.2273